Goa – Picking the regular favourites

Goa has always been such an old favourite of mine. And I am sure, it is the same for anyone who has been there at least once. There is something so beautiful and unique to the place. First the size of the state itself is so charming. Nothing is more than at the most an hour’s drive away from something else. Then there is the spirit and originality. Something so amazing and seemingly fragile but somehow so effortlessly kept intact in spite of the odd 2.5 million visitors who throng the place each year. Quite an intriguing fact, if you think that Goa’s indigenous population is just 1.5 million. Welcome to a paradise.

In this post, I present some of my old favourites for Goa. Mind you, these are not just the off-the-beaten path gems. You’ll also find popular charms. Which, if I may add, are just as endearing!

To the shores of Goa © B Debnath

To the shores of Goa © B Debnath


Visit the old Portuguese neighborhood in Goa. They’re bright, colourful, quiet, peaceful and most of all, retain it’s old world charm. Essentially this is where you’ll get a feel of Goa’s colonial past. Fontainhas is a must stop for any offbeat locale lover and the fact that is conveniently tucked away in Panjim makes it even more doable.

Fontainhas, Panjim by  Extempore

Fontainhas, Panjim by Extempore

Goa – The Beaches

Arambol is known as a hippie’s haven. A large number of performers make it all the more endearing. Anjuna Beach: Arguably the most visited beach in Goa with a picturesque coconut grove in the backdrop and a famous flea market in the vicinity. Palolem: This is a very serene beach, quite contrary to the colorful and vibrant Calangute. A must see for a touch of solitude and peace. Colva Beach: This little patch of paradise brings about the very best of coastal beauty challenged in the Goan land by perhaps only the Calangute. Pride of Salcete, this is a must see locale.

Calangute and Baga: The Calangute is known as the Queen of all Goan beaches. If you are talking about must-see, this place comes first. These beaches were the favorite haunt of hippies even a few years ago. A government crackdown as stopped the trance flow but you can still feel the rhythm flowing sometimes.

Goa – Anjuna Hippie Markt by Klaus Nahr

Keri Village

Keri is a village in Goa known for its Ayurveda. Located about 8 kms from the centre of Ponda, it makes for a nice experience to explore this village. Away from the hustle bustle of the city, the typical Goan rural architecture is worth looking out for. The scenic natural surroundings adds to the charm.

Souza Lobo’s

Established in 1932, situated right on the sea, and with excellent food ensuring the place is always full, Souza Lobo‘s is a must-visit on Calangute beach. It has been serving some great fresh seafood in Goa for the past 78 years and is preferred by locals, tourists and celebrities alike.

Live Music at Souza Lobo's

Live Music at Souza Lobo’s


2 thoughts on “Goa – Picking the regular favourites

  1. Awesome. We explored mainly Calangute but I wish we’d seen Fontainhas – it looks beautiful and so unique! Oh well, another trip to India perhaps 🙂 And this time less travelling so we’re not so jaded/exhausted by the time we get to Goa!

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