The Rain Chronicles Project

I have a project in mind. Something I had in mind for a very long time now. But before I elucidate further from what the title already divulges, a little bit of background is warranted. I was born and raised in the rainiest place on earth. When you do that, you kind of have a romance with the rains. I never recovered. Life happened, I had to move on. In between, I was in Dante’s Inferno. But escaped. Each time, whenever it rained, little pieces of me which I thought were long dead would stir up, take a bath, sing at the top of their lungs. Shillong and Cherrapunji are magic. If you haven’t been there (chances are that you haven’t), do yourself a favour. Don’t die incomplete!


The Lone House

  The Rain Chronicles Project

As simply as the name puts it, the project is about chronicling the rains. I initially thought I would be photographing, recording, writing about every single moment of rain that I encounter from here onward. I tried it before, but it did not go well enough. Perhaps because I did not have a blog then. This plan is still the core idea. But there is something more exciting I am hoping:

I Need YOUR Help

The other angle to the project is collaboration. I want to see and hear your side of the story. How can you help? You choose:

Send me a comment saying just “it’s raining here and I am in (place)” but hopefully a little more || Tweet at me (@detalking and tell me the same. #tag #rainchronicles) || Take a photo when it rains and submit it so I can include it in the project || Do a guest post for me about your rain sentiments || If you videograph, you could add that too. Of course, all credits and accolades go to you.

What you get: I am sorry but I have no money to give away in order of appreciation. But maybe someday I will. This project, if it takes off at all, will be a solely open-sourced, voluntary project. Hope you join in!

© B Debnath

© B Debnath


6 thoughts on “The Rain Chronicles Project

  1. Sounds very interesting! I live in a very rainy country as well (Denmark), and there really is a wonderful side to rain, although most people shy away from it. It’s so fresh and reviving! I’ll have this project in mind next time there comes a lot of rain!

  2. Very interesting! I am a native of Chennai and now I’am a Bangalorian. In Chennai, rainy days have always been a welcome break for us from the soaring temperatures, in Bangalore, rain and the sun almost co-exist, I mean it rains and shines almost throughout the year! Will keep your interesting project in mind and will keep you posted!

    • Thanks, Priya. Indeed, Bangalore has a lovely climate. In Shillong however, it was a whole different story. I look forward to your participation on the Rain Chronicles Project!

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