A tale about coming home and the balcony garden

The worst thing you can do while writing a blog post is to try and figure out the right title. I know it and yet I tried to do it today. *edit* The title finally was written after I was finished with the post. */edit*.  I had always read travel quotes (thanks mainly to twitter and #TT if you know what I mean) where there was something to do with coming back home.

As part of my job, I often have conversations with world travelers, established bloggers and the likes. These are not business conversations. Rather, talks about our travel philosophies; an attempt to understand the myriad of reasons as to why we all travel junkies sooner or later pack our bags and leave home to wander the wilds. Two of my favorite travelers of contemporary world, Mariellen Ward and Nomadic Matt recently retired from active travel. Mariellen however did remind me that she was “not retiring, just taking a step back to regroup”.

Until recently, I was way too obsessed with the desire to wander out and understand that common thread. Two travelers, two completely different reasons to travel, both seven years of wandering and then they both decide to head back home.

Walking home – from harry harris

About coming back home and the balcony garden

I have been traveling ever since I was six months old. That’s when I rode for 48 hours over parts of the Himalayan Range, over meandering, dusty and somethings scary (now I know) roads, between forests and into the rainiest place on earth. And it never stopped. I paused by for college, then traveled for work, traveled in between. While of course I missed home and yearned for it like water, I never tired of travel itself.

Standing on the balcony with my pet trees around me on a late afternoon and watching the day’s last haze give way to impending twilight, I was happy to be home. I took to watering my plants. I took time to see every leaf, sat down on the floor, fingers grazing the earth that had toppled off the pots. I sprayed water on the leaves and the stem and saw it drip to the roots.

And I understood more about “a familiar ground”, “barefoot comfort”, “home at last”. From here, this post becomes a photoblog. A few sights I saw that day. Do let me know if you see home and calling in these. I would love to know your story.

IMG_4099 IMG_4101

IMG_4095 IMG_4102 IMG_4097 IMG_4096 IMG_4105 IMG_4106 IMG_4108 IMG_4087 IMG_4088 IMG_4090IMG_3994


2 thoughts on “A tale about coming home and the balcony garden

  1. When you have been traveling a lot, sometimes you need to pause and regroup your thoughts. It is refreshing to be home, to know that somewhere you have a root, and realize where you are grounded.

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